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The Gross National Debt

Sunday, August 28, 2005
Oh my God.

I realize I may seem to have hurricanes on the brain, but I can't tell you how frightened I am for the people in the path of Katrina. I told my husband that what's so disturbing is just knowing that people will die because of this storm.

It's a huge storm and appears to be ready to strike under nightmare circumstances - in other words, apparently there IS a worst-case track for a hurricane as it relates to New Orleans and this one is on it.

If you like, blogroll me or bookmark the site and I will provide updates, most specifically as related to relief efforts and places where donations will be needed.

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Blogger Ben said...

renarf, its all good, really I believe that we can unite and rally on this issue. I will be sure to copy your information these people need help bad. The time for partisan bickering is not now when fellow americans need our help.

9:40 PM  
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