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Monday, August 21, 2006

As the 1st anniversry of Hurricane Katrina quickly approaches, I'd like everyone to be aware of the Katrina Blog Project. Essentially, this started over at Daily Kos in an effort to highlight one diary per day on the recommended list that commemorated the tragedy and travesty that was Hurricane Katrina and its governmental response.

Follow me into the extended entry for a quick set of links to excellent diaries written about Katrina.

Katria Blog Project Diaries:

Many of the diarists are from the region and lived through it. Some aren't - we were merely frustrated outside observers. Some of the diaries were highly recommended and have many comments... Some don't. But they all deserve attention. EVERY STORY about the forgotten Gulf and especially New Orleans deserves attention.

By the by, Spike Lee has his four-hour documentary on Katrin airing in two parts on HBO starting tonight. It will be two hours tonight, and two tomorrow night. Sometimes I wonder if I can take seeing it again - but them I remember how lucky I am that I didn't actually live through it. I owe all the survivors and those who lost homes and possessions and family members and pets and all sense of securtiy my attention. I intend to give it.

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Blogger lefty said...

yo, how are you?

i see you haven't updated in a bit. you must be busy.

happy late birthday!

11:58 AM  
Blogger RenaRF said...

Hey there! Not only have I been stupid-busy, I'm on a conference call RIGHT NOW on a Saturday related tow work. Argh!!

2:24 PM  
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