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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Things are Taking Shape

This weekend's March is taking shape. If you want to see what the actual itinerary is, click here. Blogger steve has reminded me that there is a free concert after the march sponsored by Operation Ceasefire. It starts at 3pm.

I have been contacted by Maryscott O'Connor - those of you who spend any time over at Daily Kos know exactly who she is - she is also the purveyor of another busy and excellent liberal blog, My Left Wing. Maryscott lives in Los Angeles. She and her husband are flying into Dulles Airport on the redeye - the arrive early early Friday morning. I'll be picking them up on Friday to head down tot he happy hour. I will also be escorting them to the actual march and activities. Maryscott will be live blogging the entire event and her husband, a professional photographer, will be pictorially recording everything for posterity. It will all be available for anyone interested at My Left Wing.

There are a host of reasons that it's unfortunate that hurricane Rita is choosing this particular time to potentially develop into a monster storm - for one, it appears to be heading directly for my family (grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins) in Houston, Texas. For another, it would appear it will happen kind of concurrently with the march. That will mean I can't check my family's status very easily and it will also mean that media attention will be focused on hurricane coverage, not march coverage.

What can you do?

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