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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

(Cross-posted at Daily Kos)

I did what georgia10 recommended (number 4, if you're counting) in her excellent diary, Dealing with Fitzmas.

Visit Freeperville: Watch the tension melt away as you read about how Wilson was the leaker, how Fitzgerald is really a closet Dem fucking Hillary at the Watergate hotel, and how Plame orchestrated all this just to get name recognition for 2008. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even throw up in your mouth a little bit. But it'll be a great distraction from the anticipation of Fitzmas.
It's a dark and scary place, Freeperville is. I am loathe to do it, but I've done it before. For your enjoyment, here's what they're talking about tonight. A note - I have interspersed a few of my comments in among the quotes, always italicized and in parentheses.

Pray for President Bush - Day 1856

Article Snippet: Dear Heavenly Father, it is with reverence and awe that we praise You for Your Sovereigny, Your Omniscience, and Your mercy and love. We confess that our lack of faith sometimes causes us discouragement, and Lord, we look to You tonight as our Creator and Lord, and the answer to all of our questions and problems.

Lord, we thank You for answered prayer, as we have lifted up our brother, George W. Bush to You. We thank You that You rescue him, sustain him, and deliver and honor him. We thank You that you continue to protect him from his enemies; those who would destroy his life and his reputation. We ask for him continued guidance and wisdom in every decision he must make, and ask that You help him to continue to acknowledge Your name and call upon You to meet all his needs, and to guide his every step. We pray for Laura as well, that You would help her to be the loving, supportive wife that You intend for her to be, and ask that You would enrich their marriage and deepen it with every passing moment, that their commitment to You and to each other might become even stronger through the trials they must endure. We pray for their entire family; for Barbara and Jenna, and for their parents, that they might have peace in knowing they are in Your care.

Feel free to barf now. I'll wait. Ok? Better? I'll move on.

Next is an article by Murray Waas from National Journal. The article is what it is - the comments are what are fun.

CIA Leak Prosecutor Focuses on Libby

Comment Snippets: "Anyone else getting the impression that, after two years of investigation, Fitzpatrick is desperately grasping at straws???" - DustyMoment

"It may bore the heck out of people, but if Fitzgerald indicts Libby on even 1 charge, it will cripple the Bush administration. One is all the leftist, liberal bastards need to be grist for the rumor mill. For 2 years, inuendo has been the grist. Can you imagine what they will say with a bill of indictment? True or not true, it will convict a good man and the Bush administration in the eyes of the public. Opens the doorway for a dem to step into the Oval office." - Texas Songwriter

Well Duh. Moving on - another post about the US News and World Report article on Cheney (note: these posts just seem to be stolen articles without any commentary by the poster):

US News: Cheney resignation rumors fly

Comment Snippets: "Gee that is not what I heard. What I head was Rove is going to be Greenspan's replacement and Card will be the new chief of staff." - MNJohnnie


"This is just so much gossip, prolly started by Chrissy Matthews....

I swear that man will start crying right on TV if Cheney or Rove don't get indicted in this Plame farce." - Txsleuth

"Chrissy Matthews will surely be angered if he doesn't get his "watergate" scenerio. I live to see his meltdown." - griswold3

Well allrighty. Seems no one likes Chris Matthews these days.

This next one seems to come from a comment posted in some part of The National Review Online.

GOOD NEWS FOR SCOOTER - BUT MORE MSM CONFUSION (Friend of Fitz & Former Fed Prosecutor Comments)

Article Snippet: In talking on Sunday about Judy Miller's revelations and their possible fallout under the espionage act (which generally prohibits leaking classified information), Mark Levin and yours truly batted around whether the "fact" that Valerie Plame worked in CIA's WINPAC unit could have been classified information. The question seemed important because Judy Miller says that's what Scooter Libby told her.

Well, it looks like the fact was not a fact. AP reports that Plame, according to agency sources, never worked in WINPAC at all. Obviously, for something to be classified information, it has to be information that the government (a) possesses and (b) has classified. If Plame didn't work where Scooter said she worked, his saying it cannot have been an illegal communication of classified information.


Comment Snippets: "I've wondered something similar. If Wilson was doing something to discredit the Administration, they have every right to discredit him right back. Who says they have to stand there smiling and let people kick them in the groin and not retaliate?" - Enterprise

(you've got to be kidding me, Enterprise)

"Why has the MSM treated Fitzgerald so nicely as compared to the demonization of Ken Starr.Is it because they feel that Fitzgerald being from the very liberal NYC Jesuit run Regis high school will be inclined to go after Bush?" - ardara

(if I had an account at Freep I would let her know that it's because Starr was a fucking tool where Fitzgerald is a professional)

"It would have been a crime not to discredit Joseph Wilson." - AZLiberty

Well that's one way of looking at it. The wingnut, batshit crazy way. But it's a way, right??

I go places so you don't have to. Now I'm going to take a shower. I feel dirty.

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Blogger NYBri said...

I can't go there and read, Rena...you're a better blogger than I. They drive me nuts.

Hard to believe their mentality. Refusal to see in front of their facees.

12:47 AM  
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