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Friday, November 04, 2005

Thank goodness for Daily Kos and for people who have time to post things. From 757 Student's informative diary at Daily Kos comes the following:

Rasmussen, 11/2, 1000 Likely, MoE 3%, (10/28)

Kaine (D) 49 (46)
Kilgore (R) 46 (44)
Potts (I) 2 (4)

Heading into the final weekend of Election 2005, Democrat Tim Kaine has a narrow lead over Republican Jerry Kilgore in the race to be Virginia's next Governor.


Kaine has clearly benefited from his relationship with current Governor, Mark Warner. Warner continues to hold a 72% Job Approval Rating in the current poll.


Overall, Kilgore is viewed favorably by 53% of Virginia voters and unfavorably by 42%. For Kaine, the numbers are 56% favorable and 42% unfavorable.

UPDATE Mason-Dixon has Kaine 45, Kilgore 44, Potts 4, MoE 4%. M-D is a more Republican leaning poll.

This one's a nail-biter.

REMINDER: Polls are open THIS TUESDAY November the 8th!!

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