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The Gross National Debt

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well that was fun. To catch you up if you are unfamiliar: Redheadedwoman over at Daily Kos posted a diary last Friday talking about Bill O'Reilly's online petition to bring back Phil Donohue in the MSNBC 8pm hour. This, of course, is a total swipe at Keith Olbermann's Countdown, currently in that slot on MSNBC. SO. I posted my own petition to fire Bill O'Reilly for "willfully distributing inaccurate information" thereby exposing Fox News and the shareholders of its parent, News Corp, to revenue-endangering lawsuits. And yes, it was in good fun but it took hold over at Daily Kos and stayed on the recommended list. The petition currently has 768 signatures. All quite fun.

So last night, I was paying bills and on my laptop in the living room with Olbermann on in the background. He featured some really funny comments he had seen on O'Reilly's petiton (now removed, since they are critical of O'Reilly) and them WHAM - he cut to talk about counter-petitions and there was my diary (cross-posted here) on the screen. He even quoted from it. Cool!!

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Blogger Bill said...

You go, Rena!

O'Leilly is such a fool, though, I actually think we'd all miss the entertainment value of his bumbling if he really were taken off the air. No worries though... Roger Ailes would rather remove his right foot than remove O'Leilly from the Faux News lineup.

I think your petition should include the potential for more sexual harrassment lawsuits against Fox as well. At least that would be a pocketbook issue for Ailes.

4:33 AM  
Blogger PSoTD said...

Great job, Rena! Power of the petition!

3:25 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Your blog layout is weird. It confuses my eyes, with that background image of the woman with the duster.

5:24 AM  
Blogger sad said...

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