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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ok. Any of you who know me from my involvement (writing and commenting) over at Daily Kos knows that I have this -- thing. It's a thing for shoes. I love shoes. I won't go into a mall to shop - I hate malls - and thank goodness both the Gap and Ann Taylor have sizing consistency so I can order online - but give me a DSW Shoe Warehouse and I'm in it all day happy as a clam.

So it's not surprising (to me, at least) that when someone who calls herself "Mrs. Hell On Heels" wanted to rent space on my blog, I gave it. Fast.

Mrs. Hell On Heels has some very interesting and funny stuff posted at her blog - it's all funny and witty and she gets a lot of comments (I think I'm suffering from comment-envy). So shift your eyes just slightly to the left near the top of the page and click on her linky and give her some lovey. She has a cold - she could use it!!

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Blogger Akasha said...

hey, i share your passion for shoes too! perhaps we could shoes hunt one of these days? teehee...

nice blog. keep writing:)



akasha is my other blog id. please don't be confused.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Carl Rogers said...

Hi, RenaRF I Really like your blog, it has a great look, did you design it yourself? Very nice. . . If you get time check out my blog www.spoofworld.blofspot.com leave a comment if you like. I was just browsing the blog world, thanks for your time, C'ya.

11:45 AM  

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