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Monday, November 14, 2005

So I do my best to read comments that people are kind enough to leave on my blog. I also like to check out the blogs of my commenters... I had a gentleman who goes by Christian Prophet leave a comment on my post about Pat Robertson's latest verbal gaffe. Christian Prophet left a not uncalled-for comment that Pat Robertson should not be the way I judge all Christians... I agree. So I went to Prophet's blog and left a comment here. I saw that another person - Jim - had left a comment as well. So I went to his blog, My Boring Best, and checked it out. Short story long, I came across this picture which I thought was a screaming hoot:

Jim gives credit to Brandy for the picture.

I was so tickled by the picture that I posted it in the Open Thread over the weekend at Daily Kos. Three of the comments were priceless:


See? It's not torture.

"Since I no longer have clothes, I'll hide in my panty fort."


Son, is that a panty on your head?

That last is a line from the hysterical and classic Raising Arizona. I almost choked on my own tongue when I read it.

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Blogger My Boring Best said...


Thanks for giving my blog mention here. I really like your blog, and agree with much of what you have to say.

Pat Roberston really bothers me; not because I'm an atheist, but because he is such an ass of a man.

Here's my recent posting on Pat, begging people to pray for the Lord to riddle his body with cancer.

Praying for Pat

Keep up the great blog! You have a new regular reader.

1:48 PM  
Blogger lefty said...

that picture rules!

10:36 PM  
Blogger sad said...

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