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The Gross National Debt

Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's time to stir the pot. Daily Kos diarist smintheus has this diary up over at Daily Kos. I'll excerpt the relevant portions below but I encourage reading the entire thing by following the link.

In a nutshell, the revelation that Bush has been using secret Presidential orders to circumvent both the Constitution and the law cannot be tolerated - it certainly can't wait until after the holiday break before the Congress considers it. Of course, all of these folks want to get back home for their break. We need to keep them here and we need to do it fast. See Smintheus' points below. Contact your Senators. Contact MSM outlets - call - fax - email - whatever it takes. Generate pressure on Congress to stay in Washington and deal with the issue of our fundamental 4th amendment rights being violated. Drop me a comment and let me know what you're willing to do as well as provide any information on other contacts we should be making.

An hour of your time could stop this egregious erosion of our liberties.

Click to expand the post and read Smintheus' contribution.

As far as possible, our declared goals must be as clear, straightforward, plausible, and uncontroversial as possible. I have no illusions that it will be easy to achieve these goals; George Bush and friends stonewall almost as a matter of course. But our declared goals must throw into stark relief the illegality of the administration's policies and the nature of the constitutional crisis.

I propose that we ask each U.S. Senator to demand that President Bush:

*    immediately reverse this directive on domestic spying

  • promise to desist in the future from warrantless spying on Americans

  • cooperate fully with a bi-partisan investigation of the policy

  • release the texts of the directives along with the legal opinions they were based on

  • identify to the Senate all residents of the US who were targets of unconstitutional spying


The most important things that need to be done are to

  • build an ad hoc network to promote this campaign, to include blogs, activist groups, grassroot organizations, local and state Democratic Party organizations, and some media darlings like Randi Rhodes

  • contact Senators to make the above requests

  • contact journalists covering Washington to alert them to the campaign and to request full coverage of the constitutional crisis that the President has provoked

I've arranged them in the order that they need to be addressed. We will want to have the main outlines of a network in place by late Sunday, if we are to get the word out far and wide on Monday to inundate Senate offices with calls, emails, and faxes demanding action.

Let's have at it. Are you game?

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Blogger RenaRF said...


John Warner
George Allen, Jr.
Jim Moran
The New York Times
The Washington Post
The Boston Globe
The Chicago Sun Times
The Miami Herald
The Houston Chronicle
The Los Angeles Times
The Seattle Post Intelligencer

And that's just for starters.

2:44 PM  
Blogger sage said...

I don't do much except write an occassional satire or parody about the man (I'm promoting my blog, lol). Check out some of my Nevada Jack post--especially the one on the Metric System and Dark Beer (yeah, I can stretch how I express my displeasure of him). Keep your idealism...

8:59 PM  

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