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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

About two weeks ago, hannah posted this diary with links to New Orleans businesses for dKos users to shop during the holidays (and, hopefully, beyond).

I took up Hannah's call and did a lot of my shopping through the links she provided. One of these transactions put me into contact with Terrie Day, a Magazine Street shop owner. I had a lengthy conversation with Terrie this morning that I think the Daily Kos community needs to know about.

Read on.

At the end of the diary I will re-post links to all of the businesses Hannah highlighted in her original diary at which are still contained on her personal blog site. Be sure you at least check these businesses out - they desperately need our help.

Terrie runs a store called Sabai Jewelry. After the original diary I went to Sabai's site and found several items that I could purchase for a variety of people on my holiday list. There were a few glitches with Terrie's site, glitches that can't be fixed until things settle down for those folks in new Orleans. Suffice it to say that I could choose items but not complete the transaction online... So Terrie and I started up an email dialogue which moved to a phone dialogue earlier this morning.

Terrie's business seems to be intact. She was able, with some cleanup, to re-open. Her home didn't fare as well... It was among the hardest hit, winding up under eight feet of water. The lower level of her home is uninhabitable. She, however, is one of the lucky ones in that she had a second level to her house. She lives on this second level today, more than three months (closer to four) after Katrina devastated New Orleans and she lives there without power.

She has an amazingly good attitude though it is interspersed with profound frustration with the way things are for those who have returned to New Orleans. For one, we talked about the rebuilding of the levees. Everyone knows the levees have to be rebuilt... But The International Herald Tribune has reprinted this article from The New York Times. The article is aptly titled "Death of an American City". From the article:

The rumbling from Washington that the proposed cost of better levees is too much has grown louder. Pretending we are going to do the necessary work eventually, while stalling until the next hurricane season is upon us, is dishonest and cowardly. Unless some clear, quick commitments are made, the displaced will have no choice but to sink roots in the communities where they landed.

This has a very real effect on business owners like Terrie Day. They speak to displaced friends and business owners, many of whom are waiting to see if anyone will step up and commit to rebuilding the levees in New Orleans. Many don't want to return until a demonstrable plan is set in place. It is still an open question whether business owners like Terrie can survive while bureaucrats argue over the cost (a PITTANCE compared to what we're spending to rebuild Iraq, but that's another diary) and responsibility for rebuilding the levee system.

You can help. I explained to Terrie how I found her web site and all the things that caused me to shop NOLA online... She was overwhelmed. And let me be the first to tell all of you - IT'S WORKING. Terrie told me that she's seen a noticeable increase in traffic of out-of-state customers to her business - and those customers are placing orders.


So I reiterate Hannah's original diary imploring Kossacks to consider shopping NOLA online. I don't think it's a big leap to say that it does make a difference - and the difference could possibly be whether these intrepid and corageous business owners sink or swim in their post-Katrina devastation. Won't you help?

New Orleans Businesses Online, by way of Hannah's blog:

Jewelry and Fine Items

Sabai Jewelry Gallery - (504) 899-9555 - SUGGESTED ITEM: SINGING THE BLUES BRACELET
As You Like It - Silver Shop - (504) 897-6915 or 1-800-828-2311 - FOR THE SILVER CONOISSEUR
Melange Sterling - Silver Shop, Inc. - (504) 899-4796, 1-800-513-3991 - GREAT FOR A FLEUR DE LIS PEARL NECKLACE
Mignon Faget, Ltd - (504) 891-2005 - SUGGESTED ITEM: JEWELED DONKEY PENDANT
Ruby Ann Bertram-Harker - (504) 897-0811 or (800) 826-7282 - SUGGESTED ITEM: CARNIVAL CROWN PIN
Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry - 877.katybeh 504 896 9600


Hove - Located in New Orleans' French Quarter, Hové® uses the finest of essential oils and ingredients from all over the world to create its fragrances. Hové®'s only store is its 18th Century shop in New Orleans.


House of Lounge
Total Woman - 504 891 3964 - Offering the most sophisticated styles since 1979
Jean Therapy - (504) 897-5535 - DESIGNER JEANS
Orient Expressed Imports, Inc. - (504) 899-3060 - CHILDREN'S HAND-SMOCKED CLOTHES
Fleur de Paris - 800-229-1899 - "We are thankful that our beautiful shop was spared the worst of both Katrina and Rita, and we are anxious to dress and accessorize our customers."
Pippen Lane - (504) 269-0106 - FOR CHILDREN'S GIFTS

Chocolates and Candies

Blue Frog Chocolates - (504) 269-5707 - Chosen the Best Candy Shop in New Orleans for the last five years
Laura's Candies - (800) 992-9699 - Our delicious Creole pralines and hand-made chocolates are made fresh daily in our French Quarter kitchen with recipes that date back to the 18th century
Aunt Sally's - Aunt Sally's - New Orleans Most Famous Pralines
French Market - 800-554-7234
Cafe du Monde
Zapp's Potato Chip Company - 800-HOTCHIP - Gimmie Those Chips!!
THE ABITA ONLINE STORE - Support New Orleans Restoration


Beaucoup Books - 504 895 2663

Arts, Crafts, Housewares and Antiques

Cole Pratt Gallery - Fine art - (504) 891-6789
Slingluff Photo - 504 314 6266
Moxy Studios - 504.309.2516
JC Graphics - Katrina-related designs by Louisiana artist "jc" can be seen at NOLA LIVES!
Aux Belles Choses - (504) 891-1009 - FOR HOME AND GARDEN ENTHUSIASTS
Gila Mosaics - 504 949-2338 - Fine Art Mosaics, interior & exterior installations & commissions
The Private Connection - 1 888 263 9693 - The Private Connection features arts of Indonesia, handcrafted gifts, jewelry, fashion and accessories, unique furniture and architectural pieces. The N.Y. Times named it "The most cheerful shop on the street!
Top Drawer Antiques - (504) 897-1004 - FINE, ANTIQUE FURNITURE
French Quarter Candles

Not Satisfied--There's More

Shop for New Orleans

When You're Done With Shopping for Yourself

Family to Family - IT'S IN THE BAG!

Be patient with these vendors - if you can't get their website to work for you but you know you want something, email them - call them - get the business to them.

Please recommend this diary. I hate asking for this - but I really think we are having an effect and can continue to have an effect. I don't know if the comments thing is fixed, but let's get this effort, STARTED BY HANNAH (major snaps to her), noticed.

One final note - Terrie has asked for a link to Daily Kos. I'm going to send her the link as well as the link to this diary. I'm going to stay in touch with her and encourage her to keep the information about what really occurs in New Orleans in the eyes of our very motivated, dedicated and caring community.

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Blogger Eric2 said...

It's good to hear saome good news coming out of Nola. I heard the Lt Gov speaking last night on NPR. I'm afraid a lot of folks have forgotten about the victims of Katrina and gone on to the next big story.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia said...

I found you through Laurie, at Stranded in Suburbia and fell in love with your blog. I am a mix of cultures, consider San Francisco home, but live in Spain now. I had never voted, until last year... Kerry. I was crushed when he didn't win and so... nice to have found you!

As for your post, it is nice to run into people with compassion and caring! I will pass the info to as many people as I can!

I have linked to you and would love it if you popped by and checked out my place!

I love your template by the way. Did you design it yourself?

11:27 AM  
Blogger RenaRF said...

No - I bought it online from a template designer. I thought it was --ahem-- eye-catching. :-) I can try to find the info if you're interested, and I'll definitely check out your blog!!

6:22 PM  

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