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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Culture of Corruption.

It seems to me that Democrats are actually engaging in (gasp) framing language. I saw it first on Daily Kos, in a diary by Jon Tester. Mr. Tester is running for Senate in the state of Montana. Then I heard it echoed over and over again in reports on CNN... I also read it in The Washington Post and The New York Times. Not renowned for its cohesive message machine, I have to agree that "Culture of Corruption" is an apt frame and one that is totally supported by the facts. To wit:

None of that is to mention the entire Iraq and WMD debacle. It's about time Democratic leadership grew some balls and started calling this Republican administration and all of its mouthpieces and minions what it is: corrupt.

Also from Daily Kos - a fabulous graphic provided in the form of a diary by Maria in pgh. Priceless.

Check out 2 political junkies' blog.

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Blogger Myrrander said...

I think in this case, the issue has grown so large that the frame built itself. The NY Times and WaPo both are running "boy, this corruption stuff is really screwing the GOP" stories today -- even our inept leadership can't help but see this as the huge issue it is.

The ironic thing here is that Bush ran in 2000 on "restoring honor and integrity" to government. We knew it was BS then, and it looks like the rest of the country (minus the 30% hardcore 'GOP does no wrong' folks) is finally catching on as well.

Great Absolut picture, love it.


2:03 PM  
Blogger NYBri said...

Yes...not unlike my front page...except fot the maid's costume. I am 53. sigh.

8:28 PM  
Blogger NYBri said...

I am younger than 53...I my mind and spirit.

ps. I've linked this on my blog....

8:34 PM  
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